Frequently Asked Questions

Over a period since providing end of lease cleaning and other cleaning services, we have come across many common questions that bother most people when they seek a cleaning service. We have listed most of these questions here on this page to make it easy for you to find answers to when booking for a cleaning service with us.

In case you have any other questions, please do not hesitate calling us or sending an email to

Ques: Are the prices fixed or will they go up when the cleaners arrive?

All prices quoted are based on standard assumption of maximum amount of time it shall take to clean the size of property as we are informed at the time of obtaining a quotation.

In case the place is in a reasonably looked after condition and shall not take longer than expected, or there are none of the optional extras required by the client on the day of cleaning, there shall be no additional charges above the quoted price.

Ques: Does the quoted price include GST and other costs?

Yes. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST and travel out to your place, unless otherwise specified at the time of booking confirmation.

Ques: Do you clean everything for the quoted price?

Please refer to the End of Lease Cleaning provided on specific page for details of all inclusions and extras to better understand in particular about a certain area requiring cleaning.

Ques: What happens if certain areas were missed or not done properly in the cleaning?

We endeavor to call customer back to the property to for an inspection and ensure a complete satisfaction with the cleaning done, before the cleaners leave from the place. If customer finds any mistakes with cleaning, cleaners shall fix it up there and then.

However, we understand that clients may not be available to come back to the property to inspect and/or may not find all mistakes that the property manager may. We thus provide a 14 day peace of mind. If we are reported any cleaning shortfalls within 14 days of cleaning post real estate agent’s inspection, we will organize the cleaners to come back to fix the issues, at the first available instance depending on the schedule of jobs and other appointments on hand.

Ques: Do you wash down walls?

We can wash down walls for you. However it is a part of Optional Extras and thus may incur additional charges.

Few marks on the walls in a place shall be cleaned as part of standard end of lease cleaning. However, since the walls wash down or complete wipe over may call for additional time on job, thus this will be an additional charge based on the current condition of the same and extensiveness of the cleaning sought on walls.

Ques: My building management only allows service providers with insurance. Do you have insurance?

We carry $20 million Public Liability Insurance to cover all our jobs.

If your building manager requires a copy of currency of certificate of our insurance, we can certainly provide it to them directly.

Upon confirming a booking with us, please provide an email address and contact details of your building manager and we will forward him or her a copy of the documents.

Ques: Do I need to be at the place while the cleaning is underway?

We do preferably require you to be at the place at the start of the job, when cleaners arrive at the place, to provide them with access, any specific instructions with the job and upfront payment for the job.

You do not have to be at the premises while the cleaning is being carried out. You can leave for your work or other commitments. Cleaners will call you closer to the time they will be completed so you can come and check the cleaning with them.

Ques: Do you provide with an Invoice for Carpet Cleaning as required by my estate agent?

We certainly do provide with an Invoice for all jobs done with the amount paid and any job relevant notes.

Ques: What happens if real estate agent finds issues with cleaning?

Cleaning shortfalls must be reported to us within 14 days to be attended to and fixed for free of charge.

Copy of email received from your real estate agent must be forwarded to us by email at with the property address clearly mentioned in email.

Ques: What if I have more questions or I need to ask something else?

For any further questions that you may have, please feel free to call us between 8 am to 8 pm at 0451 259 081 or send us an email at and we will revert back with a response at the earliest.